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Township Rebellion riff?

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I was at the Wembley first night, and the New Born outro was this awesome riff that I've never heard before.


Apparently it's Township Rebellion- the tabs on Musewiki match to what it sounds like. But, in almost all other videos apparently the Township Rebellion riff is the one that goes 0-0-3-0-*sustainerharmonic*, and then 12-12-12-12-12-12-12-12-0-0-3-0.


I've also listened to the Township Rebellion actual song, and couldn't make out any of the two.




That's the Wembley 10-09-10 one, from 5.57 onwards is the Township Rebellion riff that matched the Musewiki tabs (but I have never heard it before)


5.15 onwards. Then this is the riff that people also seem to think is Township Rebellion.


So which one is Township Rebellion, and what is the other one? Also where is this riff in the actual song (time)? Can anyone point me to live vids of Muse using the first one (Wembley 10/09/10 one) again?



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That riff (after new born) IS township rebellion by RATM






The one in the glastonbury recording is .. I guess something similar. It's just an outro riff Muse have played since 2001 or something.


Ah cheers, you are correct.


But lots of people state that one they have used since 01 as Township Rebellion, when it isn't. I get it now.


Cheers. And it's definitely not Maggie's Farm, which is only a Map outro, not New Born.

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