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  1. Yeah The Resistance 5.1 is awesome. The backing vocals (whispers) on Undisclosed Desires in the rear speakers is so good. I didn't think an OoS 5.1 existed, you got a pic of the cover? I've been practicing mastering lately, I made a Stockholm Syndrome 5.1 track from stems. Same for Muscle Museum , Plug In Baby...
  2. Yeah I think I'll be going to this as well, I live in Sydney now so its "convenient"... I also love F1!
  3. I think they is maybe the coloured one James? Matt doesn’t have the colour so he won’t have drop d strings IMO
  4. Selling one Reading Festival Sunday ticket at slightly cheaper than face value. I moved to Sydney so I can't go! PM me if you're interested and I'll send you photos (I had my sister take them for me whilst in London) Looking for around £60
  5. Sustainable neck pickup will only work if you have a full battery right? So, damn it
  6. If you have an Android TV, and of course a 4K TV, you can watch Live at Rome Olympic Stadium via the app "UltraFlix", and yes it is true 4K and not upscaled, and it does cost money too (unfortunately)
  7. An attempt to make Undisclosed Desires less shit live clearly. Although to be honest I like the studio version (hides)
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