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Doms MOTP Drum


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I think its a 21 x 16 gong bass. Pretty cool drum, don't know if he actually uses it in any other songs apart from MOTP?


knights of cydonia - the "ahhh ahhh ahhhhhhhh" bits :)


Any idea where i can get one?


Drum manufacturers....but not all of them make gong bass'....wikipedia it for a list (iirc)


But it is gonna cost you so much if you JUST buy a gong bass. Best bet is to buy a full kit with a gong bass included.


Id reccommend just buying an extra floor tom off ebay or something and putting it to the side....or buying a drum pad

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I think if you take the product code from the Tama website and take it into a store, they can order it in because there doesn't seem to be the ability to do it on Tamas website.




I'd probably go for something a little higher up with that money like the starclassics or something. Is the hyperdrive the mid range kit now?


I have no idea about Tama's range anymore. I still have my Rockstar Custom EFX and I don't think thats even continued anymore!

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