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  1. I think if you take the product code from the Tama website and take it into a store, they can order it in because there doesn't seem to be the ability to do it on Tamas website. http://www.tamadrum.co.jp/world/distributors/frame_uk.html I'd probably go for something a little higher up with that money like the starclassics or something. Is the hyperdrive the mid range kit now? I have no idea about Tama's range anymore. I still have my Rockstar Custom EFX and I don't think thats even continued anymore!
  2. Which Tama kit are you going after?
  3. Yeah 7 grand should get you quite a few!! I think if you ask the manufacturer directly, they'll make you one to match your new kit.
  4. It is going to be insanely expensive to buy one for yourself. I know that Tama, DW and Pearl do them at least. I've played on a DW one, sounds cool For my set up at home I just use a floor tom, or my high tom if I am copying the sticking pattern Dom uses (though inverted cause I'm right handed).
  5. I think its a 21 x 16 gong bass. Pretty cool drum, don't know if he actually uses it in any other songs apart from MOTP?
  6. I've only seen them three times, twice for the BHaR tour and once for The Resistance tour. Knights of Cydonia x 3 Hysteria x 3 SMBH x 3 Bliss x 2 Ruled by Secrecy x 1 Citizen Erased x 3 Plug in Baby x 3 Stockholm Syndrome x 3 Sunburn x 1 City of Delusion x 1 USOE x 1 MK Ultra x 1 MK Jam x 1 Microcuts x 1 Uprising x 1 Take a Bow x 3 Hoodoo x 1 Resistance x 1 Undisclosed Desires x 1 Feeling Good x 2 Butterflies & Hurricanes x 1 Apocalypse Please x 1 Exogenesis Part 1 (Overture) x 1 New Born x 2 MOTP x 3 Forced In (Instrumental) x 1 Time is Running Out x 3 Unnatural Selection x 1 Showbiz x 1 Nishe x 1 Invincible x 2 Starlight x 3 Soldiers Poem x 1 Unintended x 1 Blackout x 1 Man of Mystery x 1 Guiding Light x 1 Don't think thats a bad selection of songs though
  7. Surely people are not taking what he said too seriously?!!! Its rock star banter 101! When I hear that a band has said "Good night "Random Country", you are the best", I don't go and have a hissy fit because its not my country! They could play the most incredible gig ever (and for me last night was a contender) and people on here would still whine about something. They were probably so charged last night because everyone knew songs like Ruled by Secrecy, Citizen Erased e.t.c.
  8. Me neither, REALLY can't wait!!!!!! And I couldn't agree more about NSC. Its a new song in the end and they are promoting the Resistance so you have to expect it. I will be happy with what I get, just would be nice to get Bliss/ a few oldies as well I bet everyone who went tonight had a great time regardless of setlist.
  9. I am always happy to see them to, tomorrow will be my fourth time and I can't wait. I am just playing Devils advocate, that said, I do think they should consider the views of the messageboard more. I see what you are saying about the diverse fanbase that has come about over the last few albums but imo they could probably just insert two board favourites (realistic ones, not b sides and other such rarities) and all bitching would cease (mostly, everyone likes to bitch a little ) Though I guess I'm just going over old ground.
  10. I'm hoping for a few little changes tomorrow...ahem...BLISS! What I don't get is that Muse/someone close to Muse must be aware of the discontent regarding setlists on here. I've only been here a week and its obvious to me!!! Surely you guys are their core fanbase i.e. people who have followed them from the beginning and follow the shows. So why not compromise a bit for them? Some will say that you should just be happy to be going to the gigs. I get that, and blatantly so do the people who continue to bitch about the setlists because they continue to bitch rather than just give up. For what its worth, I am OK with NSC and IBTY but surely they knew that this type of setlist wouldn't sit well with boardies. And lets face it, Wembley is special! Its the biggest gig they are going to play in their home country!
  11. This time I'm going with a large group of mates and two of them are ever so slightly vertically challenged so we are going for seating this time round. I will still be dancing like a maniac! Though everytime I try this the people in seating tell you to sit down.....so you carry on in the vain attempt of trying to get them in the mood and if that doesn't work, well sod them!
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