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  1. A few posts back people were talking about software to get the audio from the dvd for personal use. Any good recommendations on good software? I'm finding it hard as the files sometimes cut off during a sound so audacity is not good to use.
  2. Very off topic but can anyone remember the video editing software Liam used for this? I cant find it in this thread.
  3. Hi paul.i dont want to build my hopes up but im off back on tour on wednesday and would love the dvd for my long travels inbetween gigs. Is there any chance of it being up by then?
  4. Maaaan this had better be on the internet before i head back out on tour in a week!! I need this,
  5. Just to update, the dvd hasn't been posted yet no? Just so i don't get my hopes built up what are the chances of it being available by the weekend as i have a very journey on Monday and this would make my journey pretty good!
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