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Harald Harestad

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We can all debate and submit our favourite set-lists.


But do we have the courage it takes to submit " The Worst Muse Set-list" ?


it's a tough mission - pretty impossible to be honest. so we'll make due with a set-list of four songs.


1. sober

2. overdue

3. do we need this?

4. instant messenger


it's wrong though cus I absolutely adore these songs, but out of allllll the muse songs on alllll the muse albums, ep's, singles, these are the ones who would make a rather poor live performance. would be cool if the band just performed these songs and made a hell of a show in pure spite. Mr Bellamy, Mr Howard and Mr Wolstenhome, you are hereby challanged!

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1. Pink Ego Box

2. Pink Ego Box

3. Pink Ego Box

4. Pink Ego Box

5. Pink Ego Box

6. Pink Ego Box

7. Pink Ego Box

8. Pink Ego Box

9. Pink Ego Box

10. Pink Ego Box

11. Pink Ego Box

12. Pink Ego Box

13. Pink Ego Box

14. Pink Ego Box


15. Nishe

16. Bedroom Acoustics (extended! :eek:)

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