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  1. both played. great show. got an extra song but a crappy one all kidding aside i do enjoy UD live. madness and starlight can go away. the music gods tried to intervene on madness, but to no avail. everything else was pretty brilliant. they sounded great, mix sounds great and pretty massive, and i noticed a great improvement in dynamic range on this tour. the stage is beautiful and as intimate as it gets for an arena show.
  2. it's more fun to post in places where you like things you're such a pretentious bag of dicks that sometimes i consider that you are bellamy on a decoy account some terrible, barely related supporting facts: prince once went by the pseudonym alexander nevermind. also, to be hidden is to be at large. alexander delarge: the worst person on this forum, or matt bellamy.
  3. i should win something for this. i choose fury.
  4. i found a link to a stream but i can't get it to work. by the comments, it seems like it could be legit. http://streamynazywo.pl/orange-warsaw-festival-2015-12-14-06-2015-na-zywo/# i'm trying zenmate to see if that changes anything, maybe it is a location thing.
  5. you complain but you haven't even watched what is available to you. most of your posts are whiny complaints and you are frequently being a victim, i'm not sure how everyone on this board isn't fed up with it by now.
  6. in 2007 i was in debt and had no cash. i had a credit card i kept for emergencies. a muse emergency appeared. i went. i overpaid for the ticket, and the interest on the card since i had no income at the time. i'd do it again. this was a problem for MAYBE 2 weeks. I barely remember the problem part of it.
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