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U2 touring Australia in December - same time as Muse!


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Mmm pity it wasn't before Muse, cos I would go for sure.


Going to ashes, then muse, doubt i can get the fam to stay in brisbane any longer (and pay $200 for U2 ticket).


Try to talk them into it! :LOL:


DARE I ask hubby if my daughter and I can go to Muse in Perth as well? We may as well - we're gonna be there - I'll suggest no Birthday and Christmas presents for the rest of my life! :LOL:

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The Edge to replace Nic Cester as guest? Thats a good idea! Where the streets have no name down under!


Wouldn't that be something!


U2 supporting Muse? :shifty:




You really believe they'll play together?


I don't know - but it's fun to speculate - their gigs are one day after the other so who knows what could happen? :D

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