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Dan the Fourth Man (Morgan 2.0)

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Looks like Dan Lancaster will be Morgan 2.0 for the entire tour. 

 It still feels odd to me that they don’t make announcements about their fourth stage member, or acknowledge them more during the shows. As with Morgan, it also looks like the band instruct camera crews not to feature Dan in concert footage, when he’s doing quite a bit of heavy lifting. 

Wouldn’t they look better if they showed Dan rather than give the impression they’re using backing tracks? 

Anyway, I love his backing vocals and energy already. 

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22 minutes ago, Claudia O said:

The cameras focused on Matt a lot, my impression. Not sure if the band had a say there, as it was not a Muse - livestream only, I remember Tom doing cool livestreams! 
I‘m sure they will introduce Dan someday 

If it’s not instructions they still discourage them being filmed by not lighting the fourth man’s area. 

The RaR footage was very Matt focused indeed. But we got to see Chris singing his backup vocals, but not Dan’s. 

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think anyone is being wronged here, it’s just as a viewer it would be nice to not get the impression of a backing track and to see where some of the sounds are coming from. 

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