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Early Muse timing issues

Pop Tarts

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I noticed people talking about this in the controversial thread. In a lot of early Muse performances the songs are performed quite fast and occasionally with varying tempos. I was wondering if people mind this and what they thought about it?


Being in a band myself, it is interesting to see even big, successful bands like Muse had their problems. Obviously these days they play the majority of their songs with a click track and the problems are gone.


Some examples:









I'm sure there are other examples on youtube if people can find them.

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Cue infraction for linking Hullabaloo :awesome:


But seriously... I don't mind it. I mean, who says they had to stick to the same tempos and time signatures live? That's the beauty part about music - you can change it up, chop things about, do things differently. There are no rules, and anyone who goes "it's not like that on the album version, so you played it wrong!" is a moron.


I don't mean you, but people who say that in general, you know.

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Its starting to turn into the dr who time war!

I dont rly care cuz when i saw them (goffertpark) although it didnt sound exactly like the album version, i caught on and sang to each track.

You dont tend to notice bad timing unless you go to a gig just to check if its in time which means u are a large saddo

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