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If you are referring to the ticket packages offered through CID, it will be the same thing they have been offering all tour.  The only difference is they are not allowing early entry onto the floor for these September gigs.  You get a lunchbox, poster, and get to shop for merch early.  If you purchase the EE ticket, you get the party with the VR videogames and bar and stuff.  If you get a seat (not GA) with one of these packages, it will be in the first 15 rows.

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as confirmed as it can be, I guess.  the generic opening page on the CID website has early entry, but it says "for selected cities".  They sold early entry for the first set of gigs and can't change it.  But when you click on the new gigs, (all the ones in september), early entry is not listed and down at the bottom it has a disclaimer saying that "***early merchandise shopping does not include early entry to the floor"

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