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History of NASA Wakeup Calls-It's Official-Muse is Listed!


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I thought you guys might be interested in reading this in light of SMBH being played on the last day of Shuttle Atlantis' last mission. It's a whole history of wake-up songs played for space crews from Gemini thru ISS. Muse is listed towards the end (most recent)




I thought it was interesting seeing the range of songs. Some are to be expected (like Space Oddity, Fly Me to the Moon etc) and some are really random, but meaningful to the astronaut that chose it. I work in mission control Houston and can vouch that U2's Beautiful Day is WAY overplayed in recent years.


I didn't realize they played wakeups for the Mars Rover control teams and am APPALLED Knights of Cydonia is not on there. I am thinking of starting a campaign--who's with me? :)

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Thanks. But this thread can be merged in that original "SMBH used as wake-up call for space shuttle Atlantis" thread since SMBH is still the only Muse song listed out there.


This original thread/link -> SMBH used as wake-up call for space shuttle Atlantis .


Good call--I'll see if I can delete and merge. May need a friendly mod to help me out.....:$

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