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Found 3 results

  1. I made the band something I think is pretty neat. It was heavily inspired by them, and it would be cool if there was a chance they could see it. Is there a fan mail address? Thanks!
  2. exoMUSEk


    A little fun I had during the Sanders-Clinton-Etc debate the other night. Seven songs and a lot of space footage (and other RF stuff I've re-used from my book trailers). 25 minutes. Enjoy responsibly. Explicit URL:
  3. I just signed up and this is my first post ever, so hello everyone! The reason I'm here is that I need answers. I've been watching many interviews, spent a lot of time on musewiki.org, and read tons of arguments on different websites about the meaning of the songs. (I wasn't sure whether I should post in Songs & Releases, but given that I'm not going to talk only about lyrics, I am posting here.) I have lots of questions and a burning desire to learn the truth. I thought Muse.mu would be the best place to meet experts and get answers. Among these questions are stupid ones that might have been answered hundreds of times, and more tricky ones. I invite you all to answer these questions and give your opinion about science, religion, space, and the relationship between the band and these subjects. 1/ Why "Muse"? Why did they choose this word? Who chose it? https://twitter.com/MattBellamy/status/247999667265232896 2/ Is there a way to get the official lyrics of each song? (musewiki.org being the most accurate, but some songs are still being debated) 3/ Is Matthew James Bellamy just a musician? We all know that the songs are about complex and sometimes thought-provoking topics, and that Matt has read many books. In interviews, he is often talking about science-related subjects quite briefly, as if he didn't really understand what he learnt, but is it truly the case? It seems like he wants to stay humble in interviews, but that he actually cares deeply about these subjects. 4/ In Shrinking Universe, who is Matt talking to? 5/ Will Muse ever play a concert in space? We know that they are seriously looking into this project, that they met Richard Branson, Elon Musk, and even visited SpaceX's headquarters in Hawthorne. Let's admit that the technology is ready in 10 years, do you really think that the three of them would be ready to undergo an astronaut-like training and have the courage to go to space? If so, how long do you think would last the orbital flight, and the gig itself? 6/ What is Muse doing of their money? Other than saving up for their concert in space, what are they spending their money on? (tours, organisations, War Child, etc) 7/ On what TV show would you like to see the band being interviewed the most? 8/ What do you think will be the name of their next album? And what will it be about? 9/ In Thoughts of a Dying Atheist, is Matt talking about him and talking to himself, or is he portraying a random atheist? 10/ Many people are saying that Matt has a huge ego, do you think it's true? It seems like he's acting on stage a lot, because he is in a mindset of a big show in a big stadium, but he actually seems very humble and down to Earth. 11/ In Exogenesis, was Matt inspired by a book in particular, or is he presenting his own "vision"? 12/ What is the meaning of the Exogenesis Symphony? What are the links between the three songs? 13/ Would you like to see another symphony from Muse, or do you think they should stay away from classical music? 14/ Matt is talking a lot about nuclear fusion and sustainable energy, do you think he has ever donated money for research? https://twitter.com/MattBellamy/status/387353492261593088 15/ To define love, Matt is often referring to different types of mental disorders such as megalomania, hysteria, space dementia or the Stockholm syndrom. This isn't very common, was he inspired by a book or something else? 16/ Do you think Matt's reads about MKUltra made him paranoid? 17/ What unexplored theme do you think Muse should talk about in their next album? 18/ Matt has a very accurate knowledge about Earth, the evolution, and how young our species really is. Do you know what book(s) he's read? I think that's about it for now. Off to bed, I will add more questions later. Thank you!
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