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Is there a glitch or am I being silly?


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Righto, trying to add a facebook link to thingy to my profile, and it says that the board needs the whole http://www.facebook.com/user.php/ addy for it to work.

I've been messing about with it for about 10 minutes just trying different things, and it occurred to me that it may not be working since Facebook added the use of Usernames (like myspace) so yeah...

If it's just me being silly, let me know, otherwise I think there may be a glitch!




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Hmm wasn't very clear in that at all.

Meant to say that perhaps since the inclusion of 'username URLS" in facebook, that Facebook have changed the way their pages are displayed and thus I can't get the required form of address that the board needs to link the little facebook icon to my facebook page?



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