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Map of Your Head

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I figured we should make a separate thread for each song we're attempting so it doesn't get too chaotic in the other thread. I'll update this post as we go along.


So far:

Piano: Kirby

Ukulele: Tofu http://www.mediafire.com/file/xtomzttyz5y/moyh-ukulele.mp3

Drums: Calliope http://www.mediafire.com/?zimwnfoyyom

Cabasa: Raining_Muses

Bass: xxatlowxx


I played along with the original track so I wouldn't lose my map of your head mind. (because looping is totally the lazy way out) :LOL: At about 0:34 you can hear my roommate screaming outside but I really don't want to do another take :LOL:

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in the words of my high school music teacher on my singing:

"Your intonation is one of the most perfect I have ever heard and your range is huge. But you have no projection or tone at all. I can barely hear you even though we're alone in a soundproof room two feet away from each other" :facepalm:


Listening to the drums now.

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