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    Music, sports, gigging, guitar, travelling.
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    Radiohead, Thom Yorke, Queen, MGMT, Depeche mode, The Killers, Blur, Kings Of Leon, Ennio Morricone, Franz Ferdinand, The Cure, Joy Division, White Lies, Kasabian, Pink Floyd
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    The Shining, Don't look Now, Let The Right One In, Profondo Rosso, James Bond
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    Simpsons, Bottom, Dexter, American Dad, Family Guy etc.
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    The Shining,1984, Dracula etc.
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    Wembley Stadium 07
    Royal Albert Hall 08
    O2 Arena 09
    Wembley Stadium 10
  1. Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, and Happy Holidays! <3 :) ---

    Love, Mimi

  2. Hiya!! :happy: ...MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!! And have a happy new year! :xmas:

  3. Hiya, what's been happening with you lately?

  4. Well everyone can party!!!!;)

    Oh your welcome!!!!:LOL: ooooo South America sounds Great!!!!!:happy:

    ummm i'm staying home and chilling out with friends and so on!!!!:rolleyes:

    *sighs* yeah what a life!!!!!:D

  5. party person? :LOL:

    I'm good thanks! I'm going to South America in a few days time :D

    How about you????

  6. hey hey party person:p how are you?

  7. :wtf: Well that is weird :yesey:

    Did you go? :ohmy::stunned: I don't think I even knew :facepalm: I looked back through the conversation, can't find where you told me *shrugs* :LOL:

    I quite like what I've heard of White Lies too :) So who was the other support band?

  8. Haha that's actually quite strange, I have that song stuck in my head too...

    Anyway glad your concert was good! I went on Saturday, Biffy Clyro and White Lies were the best support acts I've ever seen :LOL: Muse were good as always :D

  9. It was...amazing. And hilarious at some points. And epic. And...no words can describe tbh :)

    Saturday got a better setlist and Biffy Clyro too :( But it was still the bst night if my life, so I guess that's saying something...maybe about the awesomeness of the concert...but possibly anit my life :LOL::LOL:

    Offtopic, but I love this site so much :D How everyone...well...kind of everyone...maybe...half...maybe, um, like 1 in 10 :LOL: people on here love Myooze. Yeah. I just like it. *whispers* See what my life has been reduced to? :chuckle::facepalm:

    Other than the concert, I haven't done anything interesting either. Survived another week of school (phew)...that's about it :)

    Moar offtopic...I have Killer Queen really stuck in my head :( I like the sing but it's literally stopping me getting to sleep...unless that's just because I'm on the internet...hmmmmmm *thinks*

    *gets headache*

    *stops thinking*

    *headache goes*

  10. Hmm yes :LOL:

    I haven't really been up to anything extremely special...how about you? how was the concert??? :D

  11. Oops, sorry for not replying :(

    We took the train. And some tubes. And some buses. There was no point is trying to get home afterwards, we'd most likely have missed the last train, so we stayed with a friend instead :D

    Haha, well if I ever happen to find out I'm going there I'll ask you! :LOL:

    So what've you been up to recently?

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