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Something Human: Fan Covers

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Ok, I just listened to all of them.


First off, I'd be very proud of myself if I'd made most of these. But they also kind of show what a basic simple ditty it really is. I'm not saying these covers are easy to pull off, but that it's indistinguishable from other dime a dozen songs when performed with a standard American Idol voice and poppy arrangement.


Lau', Daniel Ferri and J.T.'S Random Stuff (also for the the creep factor and masked solo) are my favorites.


EDIT: Listening to Daniel Ferri's again. This is what this song should have been, I think. The guy's got a better voice (to go with this kind of song), better vocal delivery, the atmosphere he's creating with the guitar in the second minute is spot on. Not sure why he cut the solo though.

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