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MuseLive boots


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As we all know MuseLive is down, which is especially horrible because with it are seemingly countless numbers of audio bootlegs that couldn't be found anywhere else. Is there any chance that anyone has any MuseLive bootlegs still? Better yet, is there any way to access the MuseLive forums (or, at the very least beg the admins to bring the forum back)?


Just concerned that we might have lost some rare recordings.

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As of today, it looks like the entire MuseLive site has gone down, thus bringing and end to an era. It's disappointing to have another Muse site go down. EDIT: and it appears to be back.


I'm still trying to find some bootlegs once hosted there (Melbourne 2000, Columbus 2005, Lyon 2003, etc.), if there's any former members here who happened to download a lot from MuseLive and still has the old bootlegs, shoot me a message! I'll trade you some 1997 audio (not Soundwaves Fest), the earliest bootleg from 1999 (not Reading Uni), some footage from Kent/Philly 2005 or anything else you might be missing in your collection.

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