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  1. As of today, it looks like the entire MuseLive site has gone down, thus bringing and end to an era. It's disappointing to have another Muse site go down. EDIT: and it appears to be back. I'm still trying to find some bootlegs once hosted there (Melbourne 2000, Columbus 2005, Lyon 2003, etc.), if there's any former members here who happened to download a lot from MuseLive and still has the old bootlegs, shoot me a message! I'll trade you some 1997 audio (not Soundwaves Fest), the earliest bootleg from 1999 (not Reading Uni), some footage from Kent/Philly 2005 or anything else you might be missing in your collection.
  2. +1, or even by year maybe please?
  3. As we all know MuseLive is down, which is especially horrible because with it are seemingly countless numbers of audio bootlegs that couldn't be found anywhere else. Is there any chance that anyone has any MuseLive bootlegs still? Better yet, is there any way to access the MuseLive forums (or, at the very least beg the admins to bring the forum back)? Just concerned that we might have lost some rare recordings.
  4. Any chance we'll be able to see your best song, Uno, make some appearances the tour? The entire community loved seeing that one again last summer, it worked perfectly in the setlists! Speaking of setlists, any chance you still have any from the Showbiz era and before that? Many Showbiz era setlists have become next-to impossible to find, if any are still in your possession from the early years, is there any way you could have someone add them to the Muse.mu gig history to make it more complete? It would benefit the community tremendously to have some 1998/1999 setlists surface. Thank you for being the best band to ever live!
  5. Hoping and praying Uno will be played. It has never been played in Canada before and all of my friends are dying to hear it. I won't be able to die happy unless I hear it live. Everyone who's going, bring signs. That's what my buds and I are all doing.
  6. Any word on how Reapers, The Handler, Defector, JFK, Revolt, Aftermath, The Globalist and Drones have done on any charts at all? Keeping in mind Wikipedia typically allows a page for a song if it charts somewhere. Really interested to hear how many have charted somewhere.
  7. Varia Jam sounds amazing, I really can't stand the sound of Munich Jam for some reason. I'm stumped at how many people are thinking otherwise, I just don't understand.
  8. I don't have to be realistic with this nor will this ever happen. Dead Star Micro Cuts Citizen Erased Uno The Small Print Feeling Good Bliss The Groove Crying Shame Apocalypse Please Space Dementia Darkshines MK Ultra In Your World Muscle Museum Cave Plug in Baby Minimum Showbiz Ashamed Encore: Helsinki Jam New Born Hyper Music Yes Please Agitated
  9. Little bit of a necro but I don't give a damn. Everyone says the song was performed once in 2000 and once in 2013. I have reasons to believe that Futurism may have been performed up to eight times total. Think about it for a second; the only 2000 performance we know of is from Reading 2000. That was August 25, 2000. Now, the surrounding six gigs from August 19 - 27 have either no known setlist or only a partially known setlist. It's possible Futurism could have been played at any of these six gigs. While I don't think it was played at all six, I wouldn't be surprised if they played it at least two or three times at these gigs.
  10. Muscle Museum - Le Zenith 2001. Cave - Astoria 2000 / La Route du Rock 2001. Showbiz - Astoria 2000 / Barfly 2000 (mainly for the outro) / Le Zenith 2001. Uno - Le Zenith 2001 / Astoria 2000 / La Route du Rock 2001. Space Dementia - Pinkpop 2004. Hyper Music - Montreux 2002 / Premier Gigs 2001. Plug in Baby - Bizarre 2000 / On Air West 2000. Citizen Erased - Reading 2002. Micro Cuts - that early one from 2001 / La Route du Rock 2001 / Le Zenith 2001 / Rock Am Ring 2002. Screenager - Montreux 2002. Darkshines - Reading 2011. Dead Star - Le Zenith 2001. In Your World - Rock Am Ring 2002. Apocalypse Please - Glastonbury 2004. Falling Away With You - oh wait The Small Print - Earls Court 2004 / Rock Am Ring 2004. Agitated - Le Zenith 2001. Yes Please - Bizarre 2000. Nature_1 - Malmo 2000. Shrinking Universe - Malmo 2000.
  11. Don't mind me getting back on topic for a sec. Black Holes and Origin both have excellent tracks (BHaR has Assassin, MotP, TaB, Hoodoo, KoC and CoD while Origin has Micro Cuts, New Born, Hyper Music, Space Dementia, Citizen Erased and Futurism) but I think Origin just barely outperforms it for me, because I can't stand Soldier's Poem or Invincible.
  12. Showbiz Hoodoo Micro Cuts Citizen Erased New Born Runners up would be Dead Star, MotP, and Assassin.
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