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2016.01.20 - Centre Bell, Montreal, QC, Canada

halo eighteen

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This thread is for attendees.


The Drones World Tour will see the band perform for the first time “in the round” from the middle of the arena. This stage design and configuration will give fans a true 360 degree audio/visual sensory experience.




Muse.mu Members presale begins 21 October at 10am local. Please note you must have registered to the Members section before 13 October to be eligible for the presale. To avoid issues accessing your code for the Members presale, it is strongly advised to log in and write down your code before Wednesday.


General on sale starts 23 October at 10am local.




Ticket prices: $52 - $94


Support: X Ambassadors

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Hi Yanqb7


I don't thinh you get an e-mail this time

From the main page (Muse.mu) sign in to your member account , this is different from the Forum membership .

Click on the big Blue "Members" and you should see something like this






Your Code: xxxxxxxxxxxx



Got my GA ticket , pretty simple and quick set-up.



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Evenko (promoter for the Montreal show) tweeted this a few hours ago:


"Surprise! We will have a second show for @Muse​ on Jan, 21 at the Bell Centre​!! Tickets on sale today at noon!!"


So the second Montreal show will basically fill in the gap between that and the Quebec date. That should also make it much easier for anyone trying to get tickets today. Of course the real question now is whether they'll end up doing all their better setlists on the second night shows like they did last tour....:rolleyes:

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Thanks for the heads up Timberley


Tried to get a seat for the second night instead of GA and I really hate evenko's system.

Did not like the seat they suggested so decided to search again , got a message that I had exceeded the number of tries allowed.

Started over , wound up in the waiting room again , 2nd try got a different but not better seat and once more the same message

I tried once again , same behaviour , got fed up and after my fourth trip thru the waiting room just got another GA ticket.


GA tickets are still available for the 21st



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Awesome, glad I could help you guys out! The second night is now in the Tour Dates section on the site, and if you click on the show for the 21st you get an official second-gig announcement page:




Odd that they haven't posted that in the News section or on their twitter, especially now that the show is actually on sale.


Would love to be able to join you folks in Montreal (had an absolute blast at both nights there on the last tour...amazing shows, fantastic crowds!), but this go round it's going to be Quebec City for me. The weekend show works much better in my schedule, and Quebec's just that bit farther east to make it an easier trip from Halifax. I'd love to do multiple shows again this time, but just isn't in the cards.

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I have tickets to sell, please let me know if there is somewhere else I should post. I'm selling four (4) red section tickets for $350. I really want to go but I live in New Brunswick and lost my drive and companions.


I really really don't want these tickets to go to waste!

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Some Musers on the subreddit are trying to get Muse to play Citizen Erased and Bliss in Montreal so, tweet @glenrowe #PlayCitizenAndBlissinMTL to make it happen!

I also tweeted @domanderson666, @Nowherethomas and @MattBellamy for good measure.


Also tweet them to play Muscle Museum!


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Great show in Montreal last night, couldn't have hoped for better seats if they opened the arena early and told me to sit anywhere I wanted. Got there at 7:15 and floor hadn't really filled in, you could probably have got space on the rail in front of far ends or be 3-4 rows back centre stage. I picked up my tix around noon and didn't notice a lineup, but can't say I was looking for it. Couldn't have hoped for more out of the setlist, Bliss, Map, Apocalypse, all good. Reapers was a highlight for me, great guitar song but I thought it didn't end as strongly with 'Drones' refrain as when I saw them in NYC at Iheart. After X Ambassadors, didn't know if 'in the round' would work, they tried playing to everybody but had connection to nobody. Matt put those fears to rest the minute he hit the stage. Liked the way Morgan was setup, actually got to see him this time round. Wish they would let Chris play Liquid State every show, to me that would be equivalent of Paul doing Guns of Brixton at every Clash show. Sadly it is in back catalog now. Lighting on drones didn't seem 100%, not as vibrant as pics I had seen and some lighting strips not on. One touched down at one point (forget which song) and was immediately recalled to base station...at that point going forward I think they only used four. but wasn't really keeping inventory. Mega Drone made it's way thru arena without incident. Crowd I thought was really responsive and you had feeling that they might have come out for one more after Knights. Should be good for band and technical crew to have back to back shows. Not going tonight but can't wait for Saturday and a sold out arena in Quebec.

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