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  1. I only say that because they'll be able to trot it out anytime there is a "pressure" situation, so basically any game played. Close game in hockey, pitching changes in baseball etc. I remember Washington Capitals used to come onto the ice 10-15 years ago to Hysteria. Anaheim Ducks and Dallas Stars have also featured a lot of their music over the years. Psycho (surprisingly w/o vocals:LOL:) has been staple over past few years and used to hear MK Ultra once in a while but don't remember what stadium(s) off hand.
  2. Noticed two instances of the song Pressure being featured last night. First ESPN used it as an outro from its boxing broadcast, and also, it was played in arena between plays in Vancouver Canucks game. Not bad for being a week old but I expect it to be as big or bigger than Uprising throughout stadiums and arenas across North America.
  3. If I never have to click on a traffic light or fire hydrant ever again, it won't be a moment too soon. Followed presale a bit and lower bowl disappeared after about 10 minutes. They showed available sections colored in after that...but you couldn't actually get seats in them. Worst thing is that all the best seats will be available a week or two before the show because for whatever reason some people don't think that a poster and lunch pail is worth an extra $250 to the cost of your ticket.
  4. Feel sorry for those who didn't get tix from various presales. Tickets "officially" go on sale today at noon, but looks like slim pickings from seat map. Floor: sold-out Reds (lower bowl): sold out Mezzanine: sold out Lower portion of upper deck: sold out Only thing left is upper-upper deck where you're closer to shaking hands with Jesus than with band. Predictable since band usually plays 2 nights in Montreal (still might) and about a third of arena is blocked off behind stage EDIT: Not as bad as I thought, moment presale started it showed seats in all sections; first offering was the far end directly facing the stage but listed as "partially obstructed view" presumably because you're behind sound board. 2nd time was in far corner up high in lower bowl. Given this, happier with my original purchase
  5. Checked this out this morning just for giggles and only thing available in Montreal was upper deck. Seems a huge chunk of arena, at least 4 of what would be considered prime sections are handed over to VIP/GOLD/PREMIUM/DIAMOND/PLATINUM/PLUTONIUM seats. One package gets you a poster and lunchbox for a mere $258 extra Best thing to do although it takes nerve of steel is wait closer to show when these tix get released into general ticket pool.
  6. One thing to consider is that in every instance on North American arena leg is that they never play back-to-back nights with exception of Montreal-Quebec City (about 2 hours apart). By stage diagram alone I imagine a pretty complex set that will take some time to prepare. Given teardown, travel time and set-up in next city, I imagine them not wanting to hit a place like Manhattan without an off-day in between.
  7. jetcap

    Muse Rock Medley

    Not sure how I feel about this, think i'd rather see 1 or 2 songs played in their entirety than a Stars on 45** treatment of some of their past songs. But 15 minutes is a long time so you could put a lot of riffs, intros, outros and jams in there. I would say they do older stuff that they have played a lot in the past but might not have time in a set as more and more new material enters. Think it might include songs such as Bliss, Stockholm Syndrome, New Born, Butterflies & Hurricanes and Apocalypse Please. But even with 5 songs, that's still 3 minutes per each one...maybe something like Munich Jam will be thrown into the middle. My hope is that it will be more of an improvised jam as opposed to well-rehearsed sound-the-same in every city set piece. **Doubt anyone under 50 will understand Stars on 45 reference w/o Google...you don't know how lucky you are to have escaped this sad time in music history.
  8. The way I figure things, the band usually plays about 6 songs from the new album anytime they tour. If that holds, I figure Propaganda, Pressure, Thought Contagion, Something Human (which might take place of Mercy as first encore) and The Void (which might take place of Globalist as show closer). Wild card for me is Dig Down which will be almost 2 years old when they hit the road and used as opener for summer festival tour. Probably will play it, but listening to new album I think, 'what's this doing here' each time it comes on, thinking it is from Drones. Anyway, after Iheart show which should act as a sneak preview of what songs will be featured, I will be in operation shut-down in my best effort to be surprised as far as set-lists and stage set-up.
  9. I had no problem with song selection...figured it would be next single released...figured it was going to be this or Propaganda. Loved the horns..be nice if they were on the tour but wonder how many songs they could actually be on. As far as song set list go...been wondering what gets played off new album and what gets dropped from Drones. If they don't play 'Get up and fight' I'll be more than happy
  10. Did not see that but went back to Evenko page and sure enough... So I buy a physical copy of CD (which I don't do anymore and still haven't gotten in the mail yet) to get early access to tix that the first 99 tries got me obstructed view. But now that I am successful I'm going to get a free CD of what they forced me to buy? Yeesh.
  11. First 112 times trying to get tix in presale got me tix right on side of stage that were listed as obstructed view. Finally got something "okay", about 12 rows up at far end on the side. Not very happy but it is what it is...wouldn't have expected obstructed view seats as prime offering for the first of presales. That being said, got what was listed as obstructed view for Depeche Mode a couple of years ago and they couldn't have been better, so sometimes it is luck of the draw and the eventual stage set-up.
  12. I saw the flight case roll across the stage before the show and then roll back about 20 minutes later...didn't even dawn on me that it was for a piano. I just scanned the stage, didn't see one, and figured that was that.
  13. I've been on operation shutdown since I bought tickets for NYC and Ottawa, not wanting to know set-lists, stage set-up or anything else. Since the Drones tour and as much as I have enjoyed the major tours, I really wanted to see the band on a no-frills stage with 2 mics and just have them bring it and rip thru their set An outdoor festival I figured would be a basically a greatest hits shortened set with little or no frills as far as staging goes coupled with being uncomfortable and tough to see. Surprises: Stage set-up was awesome, I had seen seen a couple of pics and just figured it was a simple video wall but when they moved and the band appeared from behind them to start the show, it was pretty neat. Set-list was really good in my opinion. I'm not one to OD on pills because they didn't play a Hullabaloo b-side I've based my existence on so the inclusion of Stockholm, PIB and Time is Running Out were quite welcome after not hearing them for a while. Being a festival and tight time restrictions, they actually played longer and fit in more songs than I was expecting. I got the rail, wasn't expecting it, hadn't planned on it, but we got their about 1/2 hour before gates opened and that proved to be good enough. Bass was loud enough to move a small cruise ship and not always pleasant, but wouldn't have changed anything. Kids beside me got Chris's harmonica; they deserved it, had a handmade sign, got in line at 10am, I was happy for them. Everybody around me on the day caught something from some band...I gotta work on my catching abilities. Matt destroyed an amp with his guitar. I was happy when I finally saw him trash a guitar on last tour, this was a new wrinkle. Great weather. Friday got rained out after 2 songs by headliner Live...go figure, Lightening was Crashing. It rained yesterday, it's raining this morning..it's rained every &*%ing day this summer. Awesome day. Morgan seemed to have increased role, maybe because he was out of his hole from Drones tour but some with a guitar more than ever before, even when Matt was playing. Bit of a new intro for Knights, went from Harmonica to heavy guitar/drum jam then back to Harmonica. Disappointment: Matt leaving stage for New Kinda Kick. Really didn't understand this. But it did give me time to reminisce about The Cramps...great band, got to see them a bunch back in the day. Anyway...off to NYC, looking forward to it.
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