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Muse: Inside the Muscle Museum

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Not sure if anyone else has read this book at all, but I had to personally put it down as soon as the author, Ben Myers, was introducing Dom. He wrote "Dominic James Howard was born in Stockport, Lancashire on July 12, 1977." and continued to go on some spiel about the summer of Queen. Unless I'm mistaken Dom's birthday is December 7th?


Either this author didn't try at all with his sources, or Dom is very good at lying about his birthday. Thoughts?

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I tried posting a reply to this yesterday but images means its yet to have been approved. The author is from Durham, which i'm pretty sure is in the UK.


I actually read Out of this World first as I begged my parents to get it for me for christmas last year, and had bought Inside The Muscle Museum after, and I was way more impressed with the quality (especially considering Mark Beaumont is a first hand source). Also the images are amazing in that one. I got Inside The Muscle Museum for 99 cents online used anyways so it wasn't a huge loss.


I'm not buying Manic Depression as I found it on youtube, but I haven't started it yet. I watched another one on crackle, called Muse: Under Review. It was pretty good, but there was no mention of Tom at all which was kind of weird considering he's been with the band for forever.

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