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Interview on mexican radio (with Sopitas)

Claudia O

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I didn't mean to offend anyone,I meant that I'm fooked if it's in Spanish.


Matt's parts are in English, which disappointed me immensley.


Aside from the chat about the beach at the beginning its just the interviewer discussing with his colleagues what Matt told him.

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Basicslly what are they talking about? They aren't only translating Matt, or are they just chatting? I don't need a full translation, just the basics :p

General chatter and jokes, interviewer talks about being in LA. Friendly and relaxed atmosphere for an interview about the album release.


Both Matt and Dom looked really satisfied with the work they did for this album. Talks about the concept behind Drones. Host quotes Matt saying that “sadly in 2015 we keep seeing a lot of people that act without a conscience and they don’t care about harming or killing other people only because they don’t think like them. They’re like drones.”


Hosts chat about name of the album and how they like concept albums.


Interviewer plays Matt’s answer to how/when they began thinking about doing a concept album. Answer is in English, starts at 6:14.


Interviewer mentions Matt being the only writer/composer for the album and giving a summary of Matts answer in Spanish. Also mentions going back to basics and the excess of technology in previous albums.


Interviewer asks about extremism found in different areas (religious, corporate, political, etc.) and how drones govern us. Matt answers at 10:27.


Interviewer gives summary in Spanish and general chat about the drones debate. Dom wants to buy a drone because he is sure that in one or two years they will be illegal.


Interviewer talks about how there is a point on the album where the concept changes, where the protagonist begins to recover to defeat the power/system and that point is a JFK speech. How did a JFK made it into the album? This is the story about that. Matts answer at 15:00.


Summary of answer en español.


Chat about non-disclosure (?) form/agreement signed by interviewer.


Interviewer asks about the Mexico tour, Matt responds saying they are going to do something they have never done before.


Sopitas live from LA, thank you very much!

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I'm listening to the interview (Spanish is my native language), and pretty much what randomnoics say. I'd like to add that the interviewer says he can't say anything about the album until May, 26th. I don't know if that's relevant ;)


EDIT: Also, I find very funny that they did the press interviews in the beach insted of a room/building... I don't think that's very common lol

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