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All Things Loud: The Concept Behind "Drones"


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Matt Mahurin, the artist behind the artwork for the upcoming Muse album, Drones, has written a column for All Things Loud about the artistic concept behind the record. Read on to see what he had to say about the whole project.


It’s been a thrilling and fulfilling experience to be trusted by the guys in Muse to visually support their music and message. My background is in social and political art. Be it the prisoner abuse in Abu Ghraib or the threat of global warming, I have done many TIME magazine covers and illustrations for Rolling Stone Magazine and other publications on issues that confront society. I consider myself a “visual journalist” - meaning the ideas behind my images are what matter most.


I met with the band to show them a collection of my published images on a variety of concerns, and was pleased that we shared many viewpoints.This connection created the opportunity to bring my images to their songs. In regard to process, I simply read the lyrics and listened to the songs, then went about conceiving a concept that supported the song’s intent. After showing my concepts to the band for their approval, I was then set free to bring the images to life.


I am designing and illustrating the record package - and will have the pleasure and challenge to create many more images that support the band’s powerful mission.


I am grateful to Matt, Dom and Chris for entrusting me with their talent and hard work. I have also been blown away by the passion and commitment of their fans, and have received countless good wishes and support - which only heightens an already amazing professional and personal adventure.


As an Imagemaker, these are the kind of jobs one dreams of; the validation to be respected for what one loves to do - and the opportunity to produce a creative product that will be sent out into the world to be shared.

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