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I still don't know why just don't release the audio via digital download or box set or whatever. I read Metallica put all their gigs to download, so i checked it, and the quality of the mixes is ...questionable. I can't imagine Muse selling something like that, quality wise they are more exigent. But mixing four or five gigs at the end of the tour shouldn't be a problem, Rome, for example, sounds gorgeous, i wouldn't mind have Stade de France and Wembley with that quality.

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The audio on the existing 360 app was actually pretty great.


Problem was, on the original release, it failed to download pretty consistently on almost all devices, and ran like shit on all but the newest Apple products if it actually did download.

Changing camera angles wasn't fun in the first place, but would again often cause it to lag so badly you'd have to start the song over.


And, unlike the audio, the video was absolute horseshit quality, and suffered from terrible fish-eyeing due to the format.


Ages later they released it in HD, which looked a lot better, and downloaded a bit better.

Unfortunately, the thing took up like 12 gigs... meaning most people would have to download a few songs at a time. :twitchy:


The "on demand" stream was something I was excited about, but I was never able to get it to work without getting a "too little bandwidth" error a few seconds in, with nothing else running on my network.

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