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Muse - Live at Rome Olympic Stadium


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I personally are not too happy about the CD tracklisting of the live album. Many good stuff is missing.


If I get to choose 13 songs for the album, that would be:


1. Supremacy

2. Panic Station

3. Resistance

4. Animals

5. Knights of Cydonia

6. Follow Me

7. Madness

8. Stockholm Syndrome

9. Guiding Light

10. The 2nd Law: Unsustainable

11. Survival

12. Uprising

13. Starlight


I know there should be more, but I think they can only do 13 songs.


In the DVD, I think the only songs that can be not included are (not that I hate those songs):

Map of the Problematique




and the other 22 tracks have no excuse for being excluded in the DVD video especially Unsustainable (can't believe they omitted that track)


Tell me what you guys think

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