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Wisdom Measured in Years


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So...there we were, enjoying the Boston 4/12/13 VIP pre-show reception and patiently waiting for beverages from our pleasant Baahstn bartender. He attempts to strike up a conversation with me, asking from where we were from (Indianapolis, IN) and was shocked. "You came all the way here to see MUSE?" I eloquently replied in my midwestern non-accent.."Huh-yuh!". Now interested, the bartender asks "Who is MUSE anyway..never heard of him." Silence fell over the bar (you could hear crickets chirping). I began a dialogue that can only be compared to the urge to 'testify' in religious fervor. "Well to start with they aren't a "he" they are Three..." then each of the over 50 patrons gave their best MUSE musical similarity, in vain I might add. When it was clear that our potential convert was no closer to grasping the magic that is MUSE, I offered to the flock "It seems to me we're trying to describe a rainbow to someone who was born without sight". And then an older gentleman (60 years old+) stepped forward, and the crowd parted like the Red Sea. "I saw the Beatles perform on the Ed Sullivan show live in 1964. MUSE's creativity, talent and stage presence can easily be compared to the Beatles." He then handed this bartender The 2nd Law cd and said "Listen well, my son". The small crowd fist-bumped and high-fived this gentleman, and with pride we bought him a shot of Jägermeister. The show was, of course, fantastic. Thank you for adding more USA dates. We are suffering from extremely severe PMSD (Post-MUSE Sadness Disorder). Catch you in the Fall!

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