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Found 5 results

  1. We are looking for a new tribute band member in The Netherlands hence, this add is in Dutch: ----- Subject: Gezocht: Toetsenist, synthesizer-wizz voor MUSE Tribute band. Wij zijn ervaren amateur muzikanten met ieder circa 15 jaar bandervaring. Wij hebben in het verleden in diverse formaties het rock-cover genre gespeeld. Begin 2013 hebben wij een MUSE Tribute Band opgericht genaamd: MUTE (‘Invincible Knights of Supermassive Hysteria’). Wij hebben op dit moment een set list van circa 10 MUSE-nummers en willen dit in de komende periode graag uitbreiden. Wij zijn hiervoor op zoek naar een ervaren toetsenist en synthesizer-wizz (leeftijdscategorie: 25 tot 45 jaar) die zowel een invulling kan geven aan de pianopartijen als aan de diverse synthesizer- en electronische partijen die in de muzikaal uitdagende nummers van MUSE te vinden zijn. Wij zoeken naar iemand die de kenmerkende ‘sound’ van MUSE weet te benaderen. Onze ambitie: eens per twee weken reperteren in Rotterdam (en omgeving) en in 2013 een breed en volwaardig MUSE-repertoire opbouwen. Onze huidige set list 1. New born 2. Plug in baby 3. Hysteria 4. The small print 5. Time is running out 6. Bliss 7. Muscle museum 8. Panic station 9. Starlight 10. Supermassive Blackhole Ik zie graag reacties tegemoet! groet, Emiel
  2. hey! I'm sorry, I didn't find where to put my post, so if I'm in the wrong category, please let me know! I need help of you musers I'm in a contest to win a ticket to go to see Muse in Stade de France. If you are on Facebook, could you click on the pic, like the pic and eventually share it? Thanks very much! Have a nice day! here the link: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=249280351885052&set=a.249280218551732.1073741827.138395836306838&type=1&theater
  3. So...there we were, enjoying the Boston 4/12/13 VIP pre-show reception and patiently waiting for beverages from our pleasant Baahstn bartender. He attempts to strike up a conversation with me, asking from where we were from (Indianapolis, IN) and was shocked. "You came all the way here to see MUSE?" I eloquently replied in my midwestern non-accent.."Huh-yuh!". Now interested, the bartender asks "Who is MUSE anyway..never heard of him." Silence fell over the bar (you could hear crickets chirping). I began a dialogue that can only be compared to the urge to 'testify' in religious fervor. "Well to start with they aren't a "he" they are Three..." then each of the over 50 patrons gave their best MUSE musical similarity, in vain I might add. When it was clear that our potential convert was no closer to grasping the magic that is MUSE, I offered to the flock "It seems to me we're trying to describe a rainbow to someone who was born without sight". And then an older gentleman (60 years old+) stepped forward, and the crowd parted like the Red Sea. "I saw the Beatles perform on the Ed Sullivan show live in 1964. MUSE's creativity, talent and stage presence can easily be compared to the Beatles." He then handed this bartender The 2nd Law cd and said "Listen well, my son". The small crowd fist-bumped and high-fived this gentleman, and with pride we bought him a shot of Jägermeister. The show was, of course, fantastic. Thank you for adding more USA dates. We are suffering from extremely severe PMSD (Post-MUSE Sadness Disorder). Catch you in the Fall!
  4. I had a dream the other night about Muse and I feel like it would make an awesome game/movie/music video. Basically Matthew figured out that he could control peoples minds with music, and he used this power to take over the world! The band became the evil overlords of the world, with Matthew as supreme overlord, Chris as his mighty henchman (He drove a giant bass playing robot that basically destroyed what he wanted with a simple cord), and Dominic became his mad scientist who experimented for better ways to control people. The problem was that people that were used to listening to Muse music seemed to be immune to the hypnotic noises that the band had created to control people. Muse let all those immune to their spell become the greater power of the world, but there were those of us who believe that people needed their freedom and we led a resistance against Muse, and tried to find artist around the world that could help find a way to stop people from being controlled. Basically me and three friends went around and kicked Muse droney ass, to get to Bellamy and stop him. I would slice people with my duel swords, Connor used a electric guitar looking axe, Marco carried a large keyboard with guns inside (think Wolf from Trigun), and Dan stood in the back with his computer and just sort of supported us with whatever we needed. On a sidenote. So excited to see them in Charlotte in September!
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