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High School Marching Band Muse Show


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Just wondered if anyone around here has ever seen or heard of this.


I thought it was cool, in any case.



Marching band show featuring "Knights of Cydonia" "Time is Running Out" "CIty of Delusion" and "Blackout".


EDIT: This is what is usually announced before their band performs:

“The beginning of the show comes from the album “Absolution” which is based on the powerful concept of living in the now, and bringing a passion to each and every daily experience. It is an anthem about standing up for yourself, and doing what is right, not just what is popular. The show will end with music from the album, “Black Holes and Revelations” which reinforces the concept that you must defend what you believe in, and reminds us all to think of others and to “Pay it Forward.” The music of MUSE in today’s show asks you not what you have done in the past, but what are you doing NOW?"

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