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Which pickups for Squier tele fuzz


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Hey there, about a year ago I wanted to buy a squier guitar in manson shop, but it was out of stock so for a little more they proposed me the Squier Fuzz Tele special edition ( http://www.mansons.co.uk/shopping/categories/squier-electric-guitars/squier/fuzz-factory-tele-special-edition-electric-guitar/ ) but with basic humbuckers.

Now I would like to get better ones, to make this guitar sound as good as possible, ( mostly for muse)

Will changing the pickups change a lot compared to basic humbuckers ?

Should I take the mbk2/ 3 pickup set, or bare knuckle nail bombs , or bare knuckle mississpi ?

Don't know the one that will the best, for both clean and dist/ed sound


Really need help !

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I'd probably go with the MBK-3 set (or if possible, MBK-3 bridge pickup and MBK-1 neck)


The MBK-2 might be a tad bright sounding in that guitar - I find it works best in ash and mahogany guitars.


The MBK-1 set is good too, but more for medium gain sounds.


The MBK-2 sounds suprisingly warm in my Squier...

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Alright so i'm probably going to go for MQ neck with MBK3 bridge, even if I don't always see the difference between mbk 2 and 3 , as i'm french I'm not always good with the guitar vocabulary x_x. ( and I don't understand what's a ''warm '' sound ? Good or bad ? )

Thank you for answering, still accepting any other advices if anyone thinks I should proceed another way ! Thanks again :D

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