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SIGN UP: Storm Thorgerson Newsletter


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Hey guys,


Just wanted to pass on details about a new newsletter from Storm Thorgerson Studios! It's a monthly update of what the studio is up to and features artwork you may not have the chance to see. This is the best way to keep updated with what they are working on and who knows the latest Muse album might feature on here soon!


Storm will also be releasing a new book featuring his work for Muse and other bands and giving more insight into the development and ideas behind the infamous designs. More info about this will appear in the newsletters, so sign up now!


Check out the latest edition here: http://bit.ly/qGGKGF


Click 'Sign Up' to be added and have it sent direct to your inbox!


Enjoy! :)


Visit Storms site here: http://www.stormthorgerson.com/

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