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MUSE ukulele tabs


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theres a few ones, if you go on ukulele tabs, if your not from the uk thatll work, if u r get the app on i pod touch or i phone, has a fair few :)


I don't understand what you're saying - 'u' isnt a word i dont think, neither is 'r' - I live in the UK and i havent got an ipod touch or an IFONE!!!!!1!111. Looks like i'l have to use my ears.

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u=you and r= are? damn you'll have to find a way D:


Just ignore him.



Back on topic please. But also, please note that we do have a tab request thread (remember to use search) but I'll leave this open for now since it's a bit specific....

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i did see that but i thought that was more guitar and bass tabs? sorry :/


Nah don't be sorry - as I said, I'll leave this thread open as it's a bit specific.


Pretty much everyone who posts in here is a guitar player, so why not.


"Hey, I play guitar, what about you?"


"Yeah I play guitar too!"


"Wow, I also play guitar!"


"I play bass"



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