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Wiring issues


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Ok, I've just found a huge problem with my fernandes guitar and I just can't seem to work out how to sort it.

It has a stereo jack and basically one of the wires snapped off of it.It's not worked for a while and for some reason it's never worked if the battery was dying (Which now I think about it, surely it should still work? just not sustain) so i assumed it was just the battery.

However I got a new one and it still didn't work.

Now I think I've made the problem 1000 times worse.. but I can't figure out whats wrong.


has anyone else got a Dragonfly who can show me how the jacks wired? I've looked at diagrams that shows a wire cming off the volume pot that then splits into 2. a + and - wire. one white one black.

On my guitar I have a wire within a wire. It;s grey coming off the volume pot and if you cut it back, it has a white wire inside but it;s surrounded by the strands of a wire.. as if the outside is a grey one and the white inside.


I've cut all the wires off and reattached them and STILL nothing's fixed. You get the odd sound and soemtiems it plays.. but I can't figure it out and any guitar shop i take it to will just pour milk into it or whatever retards do.


If there's no solution, anyone want to buy it for spare parts?

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you unwrap some of the braided wire (the outside) and twist it together and solder that to ground, the the inside wire you solder to the output.


Still didn't work.

I'll have to take it somewhere. I think the jack's broken in some way. It does work if i twist it in a certain way and put the battery connection where the lead slips in.. but it wont if I put it on the pin.

Plus besides that the wires are so short that after trimming them back a teeny bit to get the wire showing, the jack wont fit in the hole anyway.


I hardly use it anyway so if anyone wants to buy it off me then say so.

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