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Best of Resistance Tour USA [FLAC]

We Want The Cup

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Best of 2010 USA Resistance Tour

Taped in 8 locations in the USA, covering every song Muse played on the tour, and almost every jam and riff.

Compiled by wewantthecup

Take a Bow and Wankdorf Jam recorded by: Hurricane62 (Big thanks for letting me include those recordings)
Audio Technica CMC-2 Cardioid mics -> Sound Professionals SPSB-11 mini-battery module with switchable 
bass rolloff (set at 66 Hz rolloff frequency) -> Zoom H4 (.wav file 44.1 kHz 16-bit) -> WavePad Master's 
Edition (track splitting & amplification) .wav PCM format (44.1 kHz, 16-bit) -> FLAC Frontend (level 8)

All other content recorded by: wewantthecup
Lineage: Zoom H2 [24/48] > CD Wave > FLAC

Length: 2:24:43

01. We Are The Universe 		(Los Angeles Sep.26th)
02. Uprising 				(Los Angeles Sep.26th)
03. Map of the Problematique		(New Jersey Oct.24th)
04. Who Knows Who riff 			(Anaheim Sep.23rd)
05. New Born + Headup riff		(New Jersey Oct.24th)
06. Deftones riffs (Bored and Shove It) (Sacramento Sep.28th)
07. Supermassive Black Hole 		(Sacramento Sep.28th)
08. MK Ultra 				(Los Angeles Sep.25th)
09. Neutron Star Collision 		(Los Angeles Sep.26th)
10. Guiding Light 			(Long Island Oct.23rd)
11. Resistance 				(New Jersey Oct.24th)
12. Star Spangled Banner  + Interlude 	(New Jersey Oct.24th)
13. Hysteria 				(New Jersey Oct.24th)
14. Nishe 				(New Jersey Oct.24th)
15. Citizen Erased 			(New Jersey Oct.24th)
16. United States of Eurasia 		(New Jersey Oct.24th)
17. Feeling Good 			(New Jersey Oct.24th)
18. Ruled By Secrecy 			(San Diego Sep.22nd)
19. Bliss 				(Los Angeles Sep.26th)
20. Helsinki Jam 			(New Jersey Oct.24th)
21. Wankdorf Jam 			(Minneapolis Oct.5th)
22. Keytar Solo USoE 			(New Jersey Oct.24th)
23. Undisclosed Desires			(New Jersey Oct.24th)
24. Starlight 				(Long Island Oct.23rd)
25. Unnatural Selection  		(Los Angeles Sep.25th)
26. Riff  				(Long Island Oct.23rd)
27. Another riff 			(Los Angeles Sep.25th)
28. House of the Rising Sun 		(Los Angeles Sep.26th)
29. Time is Running Out 		(Los Angeles Sep.26th)
30. Jamming 				(New Jersey Oct.24th)
31. Plug in Baby 			(New Jersey Oct.24th)
32. Take a Bow 				(Minneapolis Oct.5th)
33. Exogenesis Symphony Pt.1: Overture 	(New Jersey Oct.24th)
34. Stockholm Syndrome 			(Los Angeles Sep.26th)
35. Riffgasm 				(Los Angeles Sep.26th)
36. Man With A Harmonica 		(New Jersey Oct.24th)
37. Knights of Cydonia 			(New Jersey Oct.24th)	

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I've been listening to this on and off all day (I have to admit... I finally managed to overload myself with Muse this week!) Love love LOVE your recording of RBS. Everyone keeps telling me how amazing it sounds when it gets to the louder part, but this is the only recording I know of where the difference is actually significant. (as with the BE ONLY ONE in USoE :D)

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