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  1. Get Up and Fight is actually quite enjoyable. Infact, ST is the first album where I've not really skipped any songs and really enjoyed all of them the whole way through.
  2. Break it to me is one of the best/coolest songs they've ever released.
  3. So, after a few listens: Algorithm Blockades Break It To Me The Void Propaganda The Dark Side Pressure Thought Contagion Get Up and Fight Something Human Dig Down The other versions are way better than the originals, except the Alt version of Algorithm.
  4. I prefer the original version (the Alt version is okaaaay). Great album opener, might be my favorite track so far.
  5. It's not my favorite, but it's still pretty catchy. 5/10 would still revisit.
  6. The video is the worst thing ever. 😂 Still love the song though.
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