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  1. Last time at SBE Matt and Dom came out to the queue to take pictures with everyone. I was lucky enough to meet Chris before the Belfast Psycho Tour gig and some other people met Matt and Dom, then they came out again after the gig. As far as I know they came out after the other gigs too.




    Oh dear, please stop me embarrassing myself. I am 41 years of age I am 41 years of age I am 41 one years of age *squeals like a teenager*

  2. How many people here have actually been to a gig in which they've checked your payment card? In my experience with these "you need photo ID and the card you paid with" events, they only ever ask to see ID and never the card. Of course there's every chance this gig could be the exception, but try not to overthink things too much.


    Yup. Saw Royal Blood in Leicester recently and my card was put into a machiney thing by the door staff. I nearly shat myself because it didn't work twice, but then they got another machine and it worked and spat out my tickets THANK GOD.

  3. You mean before you've finished it? That's weird.


    Yeah you think you've got them all and click verify but nope, one changed while you were looking at another one so you have to go back and click on it again and it changes...and I'm sitting there thinking well that's a van, not a car, do I click on that too? And grrr.

  4. The worst thing about captcha is that the number of pics you have to click through seems to be random, which means that you might need to click through 5 of them while someone else just needs one.


    And the one where the picture CHANGES after you've clicked on it...and changes again...and again...

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