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  1. Matthew Bellamy was interviewed by Time Out Shanghai before their concert. Here is the original interview: http://www.timeoutshanghai.com/features/Music-Music_features/29592/Interview-Muse-.html And the French translation: http://wp.me/p4vQXf-6b
  2. Hello, I have noticed a few technical mistakes on the French version of the muse.mu website. The only contact addresses I have found are the person in charge of the photos and comments issues, the person in charge of the tours issues, the shop's FAQ... But nothing directly relating to the technical issues of the website. Would there be a way to contact the webmaster or someone to whom I could point the mistakes out? In last recourse could I try sending a message to help@muse.mu? Thank you very much for your advice.
  3. Matthew Bellamy was interviewed back in July for Australian Guitar Magazine. Here is the French translation: http://wp.me/p4vQXf-5W And the original scans: 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 6 - 7
  4. Here is the full interview in French : http://wp.me/p4vQXf-5k Scans at the end.
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