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  1. Also from https://earlyaccess.muse.mu/ UK time is 12:02 PM now.
  2. It's beautiful how this music and Download's headbanging are almost synchronized.
  3. I hope this time they don't miss Poland in arena tour. Festivals are okay, but it's not the same feeling. Still, we got two gigs, one with Assassin and CE, it's more than some countries got, but it was T2L Tour gig that made me speechless with its' stage and visuals. Even that I wasn't a fan of Drones 360 stage idea I wanted to see it by myself. Wish they announce it in later part, but pls without actors, acrobats or something like that.
  4. From the newest Muse facebook post: "Got tickets to see MUSE: Drones World Tour in theatres tomorrow? Don’t leave before the credits end…" so Something Human premiere could be tomorrow in cinemas.
  5. Source Waiting for next Showbiz proshot.
  6. I hope it isn't only vinyl release.
  7. Wipu


    Muse shared Dig Down pro-shot from Nashville https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aLXTXgXe5tc
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