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  1. The snapchat story has tons of shots of the crowd. Man they were jumping up and down the entire gig. Best crowd ever, best online crowd ever, best gig (in last decade maybe) ever. Legendary
  2. Perhaps an odd observation from Bunbury the other night, but during the final chorus of SS as Matt sings 'abandon you' he drops both arms to his side. I don't think I've ever seen him sing without holding onto either a mic or guitar. I was right in front of him the entire night, and for some reason, this was one of the most memorable moments. I thought it was epic. Best I can find of it is from that video posted earlier.
  3. He seemed a bit hesitant last night before Bliss. "Here's an old one off our second album, someone suggested it." No one around me knew the song but everyone enjoyed it as much as the rest of the gig (except for Madness...that was quite the sing-along:rolleyes:) Great crowd by NA standards. Matt could've chosen to play anything last night and the crowd would have enjoyed it equally as much. Great setlist though imo... about the best you can get these days.
  4. CitizenBlissed

    Doms Drums

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q51wlZSgN7g He had a splash briefly, I guess he didn't care to play on it anymore as it hasn't been present recently. Nice find on his cymbals, interesting that the profile mentions their latest album... The Resistance... not sure how up-to-date that page is. Also, if anyone has any tips, suggestions, or info regarding a snare drum I am still looking to purchase a new one soon. Not sure if I should go with aluminum or black nickel over brass, or if anyone has any other suggestions?
  5. CitizenBlissed

    Doms Drums

    I only see one on his snare here, though we know he uses one on his middle tom for the shaker sound in SMBH too. There usually is one on his bass as well. I'm not positive on his snare, I sometimes think his trigger is in use on every snare hit, every song.
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