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  1. TIRO always gets me movin' every time and it's just one of those songs where you can feel the energy of the crowd through your feet, even if you're up in the shitey seats. It really is quite an amazing feeling. I didn't mind Madness last tour but they need to lose it this tour; it doesn't fit the rather quite dark tone of the show and if they wanted to play a T2L song they should have gone with Animals or Survival.
  2. I find Revolt becomes enjoyable when you stop taking it so seriously and just listen to it as a silly, over the top pop rock tune. Hell it's almost kind of a release after listening to 8 straight songs of intense subject matter. Which reminds me. Iron Maiden will be playing their first shows in China next year and I'm curious to see what will be allowed. I know for a fact that 2 Minutes to Midnight probably won't be allowed as it's the only overtly political song they're likely to play nowadays. I think all the songs from the new album are safe... except for Death or Glory but I'm probably over-estimating. Blasphemy!!!!
  3. My point is that theyre just generic lyrics that aren't directed at anyone in particular. Lyrics like "Rise up and take the power back/it's time the fat cats had a heart attack" are more likely to do it; hell they even mention "fat cats" right in there.
  4. To be fair, the lyrics to KOC don't seem to be an attack on anyone in particular and soubd like generic "we must fight for our lives" lyrics. Uprising and Revolt are illustrated political attack songs.
  5. The idea of them transforming the arena into some sort of Muse world is pretty cool.
  6. I kind of hate to keep bringing up Maiden as a comparison point because they're a different kind of band and have a different type of live show altogether but some of their shows had to sacrifice the pyro or their "large Eddies" and just use walk-on Eddies for that very reason (one instance required a backrop with the eddie printed on it). Back on topic, the Saitama T2L shows did have something to makr up for it; they had a video board behind them with the same projections. The effect was kinda lost though as they work best with the video circle.
  7. Let's hope that they can throw some CO2 cannons or pyro in there. Right now some songs could really use them. Like in The Globalist, when the heavy part really takes off, it could kinda use something like a pyro blast right after "Fire!". In its current form it's kinda dull.
  8. To be fair this isn't the first accusation towards Matt of fakery I've heard. I remember after the T2L show here someone commented on a radio station's post here that they thought Matt was lip synching Supremacy.
  9. Iron Maiden would disagree. Considering Bruce runs around while singing and Janick Gers jumps and hops around and spins his guitar all over the place. The former being in his late fifties and the latter being in his early sixties. So that's certainly no excuse.
  10. Welp I was going to do Mexico this year but... stuff happened (not major stuff like family dying, just... ya know). So I decided to do Copenhagen instead. I'm definitely excited for the superficial novelty of "It's Muse" but I'm not so sure I'm down with this tour as a whole so far. I'm definitely excited to hear the new stuff and I think the stage set is among the best they've done; I'm typically not a fan of in the round shows but this looks cool based on the videos I've seen. But...by god. The band are lazier than ever. I was not a fan of Matt dropping guitar for Starlight, resulting in a very castrated Starlight but they dropped the guitar in Uprising... just sad. A usually stompin' song sounds dull here. Yeah it's time for a setlist shakeup. When Iron Maiden of all bands sound as if their upcoming tour is going to be far more adventurous setlist-wise than Muse, that's a sign something haughty is afoot. They need to let go of Resistance. Not even that good a song anyway. If they're going to rotate Hysteria, rotate it with something a bit more substantial, like City of Delusion. And Madness needs to leave the setlist. It does not in any way fit the tour. I really like Drones so I'm sad to see it get such a confusing tour. The festival gigs I watched the streams of were a joy to watch, it looks like they put more focus on that. I will end this post on a positive note though; I'm not too bothered about Matt's voice yet. To be fair, some videos from the first few gigs of the T2L 2012 had him sounding a bit off but over the course of the tour he began sounding better. Ah well, I guess maybe it'll be a fun "in the moment" thing when I'm there seeing it in Denmark. Now off I go before I get bashed for being too positive.
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