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  1. For each member of the band: If you were to learn to play a new instrument, what would it be and why?
  2. If I'm not mistaken, last year the band was regularly playing songs that fans suggested over twitter. Might be worth a shot to have a bunch of people request a song for Chicago. I vote Assassin!
  3. Seeing as the band seems to like this song the most, it's only natural that a future albums or song may follow suit.
  4. I really enjoy what I am hearing from this track so far. It captures BH&R Muse really well but doesn't do so in a way that seems like they are trying to copy a previous sound. It's natural, unforced Muse. I'm sure people will and already do dislike this song because it's not very heavy or a 7 minute long "epic" prog rock song.To me though, this style of music is just as much "Muse" as some of their heavier stuff. It also seems like every time they try to copy that old Muse sound it ends up sounding like a parody of themselves or some Queen cover band. For a song that most likely serves as a break from guitars and overall heaviness, I'd say it will do its job very well.
  5. Clearly the talcum powder represents how one will be "Dead Inside" after breathing in dangerous substances. So deep Muse. So deep.
  6. The studio version of this song is going to be massive. The song is already pretty good live but the main fault is the vocals are a bit weak/hard to understand, especially during the chorus. The studio version will most certainly have great vocals meaning this song could really come together well, much like SS and its studio vs. live performances.
  7. I like it! I like the electronic rock side of muse and for a single meant to appeal to the masses I'd say it's pretty good.
  8. So out of curiosity, who has the speaking from JJJ over the rock music from XFM that's creating this weird news montage?
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