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  1. Thanks for all those videos and photos...I keep remembering the gig again and again and again... I'm attending to this summer possible gig for sure!! And congratulations Sassyjem And mosh-pit-mum, you're sooo lucky too! Congrats! How lovely everything Mine was a little less exciting, I gave tickets to my boyf for a belated birthday I expected to hear Big Freeze or Map of the Problematique too...but anyway, i can't stop saying that the gig was awesome!!
  2. It was...amazing, fantastic, awesome...I'm still freaking out! No words, to sume up! Looking forward to this summer for a next gig!!!! A pity that yesterday's dream ended... I was at row 5 or so and even people sometimes were a bit... annoying pulling you, it was... they are Muse!
  3. Yeap...I've just read the same mail. Nice you pasted it here!
  4. It's the same for me... :(Last Wednesday, i received an email from Crowdsurge, with the same info (tracking code and web of Deutsche Post)... I've been trying to track my tickets since then, with no results... even in DHL Spanish page. What the hell is happening? It's almost imposible that the mailing lasts so long... from UK? (I've bought things from China, Japan or Italy in eBay and things were faster) Please, I'd apreciate your confirmation when you receive your tickets for the gig, just to know. Thanks
  5. Started listening "Big Freeze" for first time and instantly reminded me of U2. Had to agree with all of you, it's pretty cool anyway, cuz I love U2 but it's weird. Matt's voice is awesome!
  6. Yeap, CrowdSurge stated it clearly in their webpage... Nearly 4-2 weeks before the event....
  7. Yeah, pretty more tasteful, wonderful and all the "-ful" words you can think refering to the gig...Hope it's gonna be awesome!
  8. Yes... Though I'm not registered in Museabuse, i've been following the gig topic and what happened to some members... Hope Muse come again or there's another ticket pack or sth, cause it's unbelievable all tickets are gone. A gig not for fans, but for scammers who take advantage in bad times, as will be everywhere
  9. OMG! I was doing a "fake buy" in http://www.viagogo.es to see what people are talking about and I'm just freaking out!!! 137 € / standing ticket??? or 350€ also. That's awful and unfair, a shame. I never thought people would be like this!
  10. It's a shame...I didn't know things would end like this:stunned: I shouldn't complain, cause apparently Crowdsurge will send me my tickets (hope so), but it seems a pity for fans what has been done... A disastrous lack of organization. I'm still freaking out.
  11. But a list for what? I mean, to know who of us had the same problems and how were they solved or not, or something like that?
  12. I've just checked my account at my bank's ATM, and 94 € have said goodbye! So i think they finally charged me the moneey!
  13. Just checked mine in the ATM... No money taken yet. Sh**t! I wanna know what happened! but, anyway...Tickets in Madrid are sold out so... hope they get my money soon!
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