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    Oracle Arena, Oakland, California - 28th January 2013
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  1. i did see in the reflections that he is wearing a short sleeve shirt and has short dark hair...but yeah i don't think just /anyone/ would toss around nice merch like that.
  2. Megalomania Recess Stockholm Syndrome Hoodoo Supremacy [[as of right now]]
  3. Is the will call box office thing at the arena or is it somewhere else? I bought a GA ticket for the Oakland gig, so excited!
  4. Yeah....and she likes heavy rock/metal music like Metallica. Although she does like the end of Micro Cuts and the end of Stockholm Syndrome.
  5. I have no brothers/sisters and I only live with my mum. And she cannot STAND Muse. It's really sad. I wanna take her to a concert to prove to her how awesome they are. She says that she doesn't want to go. Oh well...she'll just have to deal with me listening to Muse and talking about them for the rest of eternity. My friends don't like Muse either so...but I do have my online Musers that I'm very appreciative of
  6. Hi, thanks for adding me! :)

  7. I downloaded it and the screen saver was cool but then something popped up that said: //THIS IS THE END Undefined Then it has a little timer at the bottom that just stays at 00:00:00:00 ....is that like part of the screen saver???
  8. Showbiz: Cave Origin of Symmetry: Screenager Absolution: Ruled By Secrecy Black Holes and Revelations: Map of the Problematique The Resistance: Guiding Light I still love all of these songs <3
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