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    Charlotte, 18 year old Brit.
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    West Yorks.
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    Reading, writing, yawning, listening to music.
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    them Muse blokes, Queen, The Beatles, The Monkees, Led Zep, The Kinks etc.
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    Back to the Future, To Kill A Mocking Bird, Indiana Jones, A Room With a View, original Star Wars trilogy, mainly sci-fi/adventure.
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    Doctor Who, Star Trek TOS, Supernatural, Flying Circus, The IT Crowd, Merlin etc.
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    1984, Dracula, A Room With A View, To Kill a Mockingbird, Hitchhiker's Guide series, Artemis Fowl series, mainly sci-fi/adventure, again.
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    All the studio and live albums, about 11 singles inc. B sides and a couple of EPs and music videos.
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    Lancashire County Cricket Ground 04.09.2010
    Manchester Arena 1.11.2012
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  1. Merry Christmas and hope you have a happy new year! :xmas:

  2. 23/09/94. A good day, it seems XD Happy birthday!

  3. Try starting with a little Rachmaninov, he was a wonderful Romantic pianist and composer and Matt has said that he was a great influence, especially in Piano Thing and the piano section on Butteflies and Hurricanes.
  4. Have to say that I'm extremely surprised that Freddie Mercury and Robert Plant are only 6th and 9th and yet Jared Leto is 5th. Oh dear, at least it's only NME.
  5. I completely agree. There are actually only one or two modern bands that I actually like at all. Muse being the except of course :/


    I guess there are more Spanish speaking countries but I just adore the language of French, it's beautiful! I've ended up choosing that now but I wish I could do both but at A Level it'd be a bit much :p

  6. Pretty niiiice. I have actually been given a bit of a break from homework this weekend which is great, probably try and arrange something :happy:

  7. Oooo, niice choice :) ahhh The Kinks are Legendary, I still like some of The Who songs. My generation is classic! They are, but they are so different to the crap you get today :erm:


    Ohh, interesting! :happy: Which are you more likely to go for and use in the future?

  8. hey ;) sos 4 the late reply ;)

    4 the rest of this week i'm just going 2 try and relax and get my college project finished ;)

    u ? :happy:

  9. Yeah me too.


    So wuu2 the rest of this week? :p

  10. thx *hugs* :happy: i do too :unsure:

    aww *hugs* i hope she's ok ;)

  11. That's so bad, I really am sorry :supersad: I hope things pick up :/ He doesn't know what he's missing, clearly ;)


    I'm okay thanks. Bit nervous, my mum just had an operation but she should be okay now :)

  12. hey ;) sos 4 the late reply ;) things r still super stressful :( that girl i told u about (who i thought was my friend) was kissing that guy i like in class today :'( never felt so sick before :'(


    sos 4 moaning again btw :(


    awesome ;) i hope u get in :happy:

    how r u today btw ? :happy:

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