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    MUSE;), arctic monkeys, oasis, miles kane, Michael bublé, mika, the stone roses, mcfly, the last shadow puppets, jason mraz, beach boys, beady eye, NGHFB
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    All of them (:
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    27/10/12 O2 arena
    25/05/13 Emirates stadium
    22/03/15 Manc Academy
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  1. Like really why? She sounds like the kind of judgmental bitch you'd love to throw your drink on in a club
  2. After psycho, which are the easiest to learn on guitar? cheers!
  3. I'm going on my own but I wanna make friends with more musers:rolleyes:
  4. Hi all, I'm Ellie and I'm the social sec for the University of Liverpool Band Society. If you're into Muse and other rock music you should come down to a bandsoc band night once term starts! Additionally we will also have a stand at the freshers fair in September if you're new to the uni! Hope to see some musers there in September. -Ellie
  5. if anyone is looking for a hotel, the pollard street ibis is still only at £30 for a room that sleeps 4 atm. Hope this helps someone
  6. im actually kinda pissed this is pretty unfair
  7. where even is the members area
  8. when it is up again what tab do you have to click on to get the code anyway?
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