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  1. This makes me sad. . I guess confirming my irrational hopes of hearing old songs. But still..I will never be able to give up total hope. And I can't see me ever stopping going to their shows thats just blasphemous..they have been and will continue to be my favorite band. So even if their new record blows, I'll still pay for them to play it. And I mean. I recall not being immediately in love with TR album, but it grew on me. And I appreciate it. I guess like a lot of things, it's muse at the end of the day, and although I have songs or albums I enjoy more, I sort of mentally see it all as one collective album. That's my soapbox and I'm sticking to it. But yeah. Not going to lie, I still hope for Dead Star..and Muscle Museum and like 5 others. hahaha.
  2. so excited for you guys! mk ultra ahhhh. badass. i actually had to make sure dead star was not played. because i totally had a dream they played it at voodoo and was upset when i woke up hahahahahhaha.
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