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  1. There were several listings on viagogo and Seatwave before the general sale. It's more than just touts getting lucky with the lottery and then immediately running to these sites - viagogo was one of the main outlets on the last Madonna tour and SJM Concerts were shown to be directly handing them tickets for Coldplay, Take That and One Direction.


    So it's almost certain they did, which is just fucked up.


    Also on getmein.com (owned by ticketmaster) they claim to have up to 1000 tickets for each date.

  2. Muse could do a Blink 182 and play nights at Brixton... ha I wish.


    But, any chance of a Wembley Arena show being added as well to compliment the O2 ones?


    I'd love Wembley arena it was amazing in 06 was my first muse gig. Unfortunately I don't think it's very likely as I don't think they've been there since and I think that place is a bit out of fashion nowadays when the O2 is around :/.

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