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  1. Can't go wrong with a DSL really. :nerd:



    Also, unrelated, but I picked one of these up a few weeks back. Just because.


    But it's actually really good sounding. Not sure if there's anything unique about it (probably just another tube screamer clone) but I like it more than any other clean boost I've used



    I got the SL5 instead for bedroom playing because it's 5/1 watts with 12" speaker, whereas the DSL5 only has 10 inch speaker. SL5 comes in a big-ish cab too and V30. Bet a DSL40 sounds better though.


    They use the kinect thing for SMBH too.


    That's not necessarily kinect is it? I'm sure I've seen similar stuff without using special cameras like kinect. Kinect is more necessary when you want other stuff, like the handler puppet thing, to interact with a person.

  3. Honestly I think we're all just obsessed with Muse to the point where every single song in their discography will be "rediscovered" as underrated at one point.


    I mean...Do We Really Need This is pretty cool.


    I already rediscovered that one.

  4. Maybe they're at the point where they consider fireworks "special."


    I still seriously feel weird about those green Drones guitars because it showed up at the end of the only tour it makes sense using it at, and Manson's is advertising the heck out of them using pics of Matt with them, now.

    I presume they did not sell well.


    You're right just saw a pictures of 03.


    Before he started using them I heard of the K&T board that they only had 2 left of the original 99 or something.

  5. Yeah, I saw the Kinects all over.

    I'd read that they were getting sensors attached but that clearly wasn't it, and I'd noticed those little white balls on the costumes, but in person I noticed they were there from the beginning. Maybe Matt has a tiny bladder.

    Didn't they say the spotlights motion tracked, too?


    Having had a kinect I wouldn't expect them to need to wear sensors for it but I wouldn't rule it out. Yeah for the arena tours I think the lighting worked on wearable sensors.

  6. Can't agree more with IS; I think we thought it was to hook up the Handler sensors, but since it isn't, I don't know why they felt that much playback/downtime from a previous album would be a good idea.

    There's already Drill, JFK, and Drones from the current album to get through (although Drones was fabulous after TG.)


    The visuals for IG were pretty, but since the setlist and visuals don't tell a story anyhow, they don't serve enough purpose for the massive dead spot in the gig.


    The "sensors" are just Xbox Kinect cameras so I expect all they have to do is switch a video source.

  7. Makes it easier to knock them over.




    The two VH4 heads. Wonder if he uses them rather than the Kempers for the :facemelt: toan. Might explain why Psycho had more oomph than usual when I watched it earlier.


    Oh sorry I was being daft! He must prefer them over the profile I guess? Or is he playing through both at once or something possibly?

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