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  1. I don't know anything about performing music but... If Matt is struggling with singing, why don't they write new material that is strong in guitar and less demanding on the vocals? Could they also apply the same sort of angle to adapt their old songs? For me anyway I think favourite to least favourite muse song goes along a gradient of guitar to no guitar.
  2. Fish Luke


    My view is similar to a few others - don't really like it - could have been worse.
  3. I bought unnumbered for £55 last year. Think that was a pretty good deal for me if that helps.
  4. Try here http://board.muse.mu/showthread.php?t=88005
  5. Sell seperately. Prices for individual items can vary a lot. Some things will be worth like £3, others £30.
  6. My guitar is also on eBay right now (not £14,000) because I'm moving to Australia to buy the Peavey. Ok I'm not buying the Peavey but the rest is true.
  7. Irrelevant news - Matt tweeted that he voted for soft Brexit with freedom of movement, single market and ability to freely trade outside of EU. Personally this never seemed like a possibility to me. On topic - Matt also tweeted about getting his acoustic guitar out for the next album.
  8. Fits with their constant hints about going more non-album. A lot less work than an album too and they might have just felt like doing it. Alternatively could be a warm up to the next album.
  9. http://www.recordstoreday.com/SpecialRelease/8373 Says 5000 but fair enough if you have a better source.
  10. I think that's all of them. As for numbers they made 5000 copies of reapers but last time I checked they hadn't sold out.
  11. They did 132 shows in 15 months if wikipedia is correct. Averages out to like 9 shows a month but at times it was a lot more than that. I really doubt they will increase their number of dates even more.
  12. Not for sale Also got numbered MUSE EP signed by Chris for £100 recently.
  13. Got Hullabaloo SACD from a car boot sale for £1. Had no idea it existed until now. Not sure whether this or the original Showbiz vinyls for £5 (poor-ish condition) are my best find now xD.
  14. Just taken delivery of the new Marshall Code 50 to have a compare with my Marshall SL5. It does a pretty good job of sounding/acting like a tube amp. I really like the Plexi channel as well which sounds good for muse. Could do with a touch of fuzz though which isn't available on the amp currently. However I can't get the OD DSL channel to sound good at all. There is also resonance/cab rattle around low D notes, ie the 10th fret low E string, 5th fret A string and palm muted open D string. Gets worse when played louder as well. Will have to try and get an exchange as rattle with master volume at bedroom volume (1.5 out of 10) can't be right. I think I like the plexi channel better than my one-sound (and more expensive) SL5 anyway so might sell it if all goes well with a repair/replacement. Think the Silver Jubilee channel is pretty similar to the SL5 sound too.
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