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  1. Someone on reddit mentioned that the Radio 1 Big Weekend in Exeter this weekend has 3 surprise acts. Even though they played the Norwich one last year can we really rule Muse playing out since it's Exeter? The Berlin gig isn't until next Friday June 3rd so it's possible.

  2. maybe try these. They're MB approved after all.





    (Apparently that guy is EB's president)


    I've got a couple of sets ordered to see if there's much of a difference. Going to put them on the copper to see how they handle abuse, as that one took a while to break in last time.


    I use these but they're not coated. Just the unwound strings are reinforced. Don't really know if they're any better than the regular ones.

  3. Woah, who's that seller that we should avoid?


    I'm thinking of getting a couple packs of EB 10's and single 60's strings. I do like the 4th and 5th strings in regular size better than in a 10-52 set


    Oh it was literally just a random seller on eBay. I'm guessing they bought a bunch of strings a while ago but no longer needed them.


    It's OK I got a refund then managed to get 10 sets of .010 .013 0.17 for the same price to go with the wound strings that were unaffected.

  4. Ordered 10 packs of Ernie Ball RPS off a guy on eBay. Parcel arrived wet and the first three packs of strings that were in unsealed plastic sleeves had rusty unwound strings. Then I opened the rest which were in the sealed foil packs and they all had the same problem!


    Totally bizarre that even the sealed strings were affected, has anyone else ever had the same problem?


    I've got a refund now and I get to keep all the strings. Do you think the wound strings will be usable in the future seeing as they seem unaffected but are unsealed? Might be able to save money in the future by buying unwound strings instead of packs.

  5. Yea I'm not the biggest fan of it either, but it has grown on me enough to buy one. I'd rather have a matte black stealth MB-1 with Sustainiac and no screen. Same one he plays on stage essentially. I know I can basically get that with the Cort MBC-1, but personally I prefer to have a Manson MB model. The DR-1 fits that desire more than the Cort.


    I imagine someone out there will eventually have a DR-1 stripped and repainted.


    I only liked it when Matt played it as it suits him and the tour. Not for me though.

  6. Bristol airport will almost definitely have flights. No need to specifically go from Exeter.


    Eurostar is from London, not worth the bother.


    Yeah Bristol or even Southampton are viable options for airports too.


    Heck even Heathrow or Gatwick (and possibly others) are almost equally well linked to Exeter via train as Bristol and Southampton.


    I travel from where I live near Gatwick to Plymouth quite often to visit my girlfriend which takes about 4 hours 45 minutes. From just Gatwick to Exeter would be nearer 3 hours or 3 hours 30 minutes I expect


    I imagine if you considered multiple airports for inbound and outbound flights you'd find something which meant you didn't need a hotel in Paris.


    Eurostar would probably be no better than than flying on cost/time basis, although there may well be more scope for travelling back after the gig at night and it's still pretty well linked to Exeter.

  7. Hmm need to check if Exeter airport can fly me there. I know they don't have flights coming from the US, but I imagine Paris would be different




    Can you afford coming down to Exeter? Looks like we're going to have quite the meet up.


    You can bring the ukuleles for the Muse covers we're going to play outside of Mansons. I've got the crash cymbals and tambourines covered.




    No he's right.


    I had a quick look and looks like they do fly to Paris but I expect there are limited flights per day and the timetable probably changes depending on season as it's a small airport.

  8. damn, nearly three years ago now




    If you listen closely, at some point during this video, you can hear @dickmovedom breaking his finger.


    anyone going to glastonbury or that eiffel tower thing?


    I've thought about the second one since I'm in the UK during that time and don't have to leave for another couple of days, but 1) I have no idea what it's like to get over there and 2) already have a night out with the ladz planned.


    Shouldn't be difficult as a lot of airports probably fly to Paris. Even Exeter Airport.

  9. Yeah but for how long? :ninja:




    Any idea what the original EL34 was? I'd imagine Chinese as well (at least that's what the bigger Marshall amps shipped with when I last saw one)


    The Chinese EL34s are actually really good. They don't drift nearly as much as the Russian ones, and tend to sound good for a much longer period of time. Slightly different sound though.


    And I'd say you'd be fine after about 15-20 minutes? Probably not even that long since it's a smaller amp.


    Not sure it says Marshall VLVE-000092 on the EL34. Tung-sol arrived today so I will do some swaps. The EL34s do sound different I think as you said.

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